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We offer BRAND NEW Drive-In Intermission films in 16mm format for your collection along with several other 16mm films and film related items.  Keep in mind some of the snipes will have printed in wear since the source material had lines or specs in them.

Do you want to run an intermission for a film showing but only want to use it one time?  Ask about how to rent a countdown clock or short intermission reel!

PLEASE be sure to use the email link in the contact page to let us know:
#1  If you are waiting for an "out of stock" item to come back in stock.
#2  If you are looking for for an abscure film or trailer that is not listed.
#3  If you want to see a list of what we have but not yet listed on the site.
#4  Send a list of your wants so we can generate an invoice, we do not use a shopping cart.  We can use PayPal or Money Orders through snail mail.

Available Films Updated: 10-29-2017
Do you need paper tape for your film ends?
1/2" paper tape. All rolls are 60 yds. on 3" core as normal.
Shurtape 1/2" Artist's Paper Tape - White = $3.26 per roll + shipping
Shurtape 1/2" Artist's Paper Tape - Green = $3.26 per roll + shipping
Shurtape 1/2" Artist's Paper Tape - Yellow = $3.26 per roll + shipping
ProTapes 1/2" Paper Tape - Fluorescent Green = $4.07 per roll + shipping
ProTapes 1/2" Paper Tape - Fluorescent Yellow = $4.07 per roll + shipping

For years, Neumade made the BEST splice tape available. No residue when peeled, no tape hairs getting in splices because of less than perfect roll cutting....etc.

Many years ago when Neumade quite selling the stuff, Film-Tech picked it up...this is EXACTLY the same tape Neumade sold for years. Well...the supplier for the tape informed Film-Tech they will no longer be making the splice tape.  Film-Tech has not sold this tape for years and I have one last sleeve I will part with.  This stuff is leaps & bounds better than the crap tape the snake oil seller pushes...sadly one day we will have no choice but to use the sub-par tape but for now there is a limited stock of the best tape ever made.
A single roll is $5.50, ONLY a few on hand & limit 2 rolls per person.
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