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We offer BRAND NEW Drive-In Intermission films in 16mm format for your collection along with several other 16mm films and film related items.  Keep in mind some of the snipes will have printed in wear since the source material had lines or specs in them.

Available items updated:  02/12/2022

Please remember that film is a hobby.  I do have day business that runs 6 days a week and long hours.  I will do my best to answer all emails without much delay.

IF you would like to make bulk 16mm print purchase of entire film cores, please send an email using the email link in the "Contact Us" page for pricing details.

If you would like to have our negatives scanned to HD or 4k digital files for your own use, that can be an option. 

ALSO, if you would like to purchase ALL of our 16mm negatives outright for your own use, that is an option as well.

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