Clock shells are intended for the end user to make their own customized intermission countdown clocks.  At 24 fps, 36’ per minute OR 40 frames per foot, it is easy to figure out the timing for custom clocks.  Simply cut the film between the segments and TAPE SPLICE what ever footage you like.  Be it blackout film, sound only, cartoon clips, advertisements, or what ever you can think of to take up the time space between segments.
#605 – $36.00 – “WELCOME OPENER” YouTube Video Opener runs about 50 seconds.  This was designed to be used with our 5 & 10 minute “REFRESHMENT TIME” intermission clocks.  It does work very well with any combination of our intermissions & ad spots, intermission clocks or just by itself.
SOLD OUT #600 – $125 5 minute 30 seconds “REFRESHMENT TIME”  YouTube Video  drive-in animated clock featuring the classic animation of JAY WARD!  Marching band, Private Mountain, Lady wearing balloons that pop, snack bar food & goodies & more.
SOLD OUT   #604 – $200 10 minute “REFRESHMENT TIME” drive-in animated clock. YouTube Video This is the same as our 5 minute version “REFRESHMENT TIME” clock, but with even more fantastic animation by JAY WARD & many food spots.  Marching band, Private Mountain, Lady wearing balloons that pop, snack bar food & goodies, Goodies Machine, Pot of Gold, Martian Visitor, & more. 
SOLD OUT   #602 – $200 10 minute “PERFORMING FOODS” animated, color intermission clock.  YouTube Video  This is the same clock that was used in the movie GREASE on the screen when they were at the drive-in. It has the dog that jumps into the bun....dancing ice cream.....and more.

ABOUT TO ANNOUNCE INTERMISSION TIME – leaving instructions – b&w – 3 MINUTE INTERMISSION – bell rings for each minute. – 5 min. 10 sec.  $120.00  FREE shipping on entire order with purchase of this INTERMISSION!
#157 – CLOCK SHELL – SPACE spiral lights 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,showtime - $21.00

Total of 45' of footage   
#106 – “BUTCH” CLOCK SHELL – 7,5,4,3,2,1  $18.50  

Total of 29' of footage
#147 – CLOCK SHELL – W/CLOWN – 5,3,2,1 – blue tint - $6.75

Total of 12' of footage
#113 – ANIMATED PEOPLE – CLOCK SHELL 7,4,3,2,1,showtime $17.50

Total of 26' of footage
#420 – Circus cartoon & clock shell – Intermission Time-10-9-7-6-5-4-2-on with the show - $33.00 

Total of 62' of footage
#415 – Intermission Father Time clock shell – intro + 9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 - $34.00

Total of 64' of footage  
SOLD OUT   #424 – Cartoon People clock shell – 9-8-6-5-4-2 - $11.50

Total of 21' of footage  
#419 – BUTCH clock shell – Robbing House & Getting Caught – 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 - $23.00

Total of 48' of footage
SOLD OUT  Sad to say that this clock is in limbo right now.  The soundtrack has been destroyed at the lab.  #601 – $180 10 minute “THE HUNGRY DWARF” B&W intermission clock.  See the Hungry Dwarf eat all the snack bar goodies while keeping track of the time left for the intermission on the BIG CLOCK.  This clock comes standard in B&W.  It can be special ordered in any color tint to the left or combination of any of the tints at no extra charge. 
OUT OF STOCK #603 – $200 “1953”--RARE ONE-OF-A-KIND B&W 10 minute clock with national ads for the 1954 Ford, Sylvania Tv with the new HALO light, Ethyl gas, and many more neat ads looking back at a glimpse of 1953.  
This clock is now printed using a HD digital negative to film method.  The sound track was destroyed so our only alternative to preserve history was to have a print scanned HD and use that to create new 16mm prints once again.


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